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Meritide is an IT consulting firm serving small and mid-size businesses in the Minneapolis-St. Paul and greater Twin Cities metro area.

Since 1999 we’ve delivered strategic IT assessments and CIO services resulting in ROI, better alignment between IT and the business, and led strategic initiatives that are the platform for business growth.

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Minneapolis IT Consulting - Meritide, MN - Nystrom
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Pat and the Meritide team have become trusted advisors. Pat is our CIO, a member of our leadership team and manages the IT steering committee – and has provided consistent, thoughtful counsel and advice. Sue Thomas, CEO, Nystrom

Client results from our IT consulting services

Business growth in 4 years supported with a new IT strategy roadmap
Software, services, and maintenance in negotiated vendor agreements
Internet/phone speed increase at just 1/5 the cost with a 6-month ROI

We Are Cutting Edge IT Consultants

Meritide’s IT consultants bring a wide range of unique capabilities to Minneapolis clients. We utilize the latest web services APIs including OData, REST, and SOAP resulting in seamless cloud or on-premises system integrations.

And, our CIO-level IT consultants can help executive leadership establish a revenue-focused IT strategy that will support business growth. Our proven Blueprint methodology for information technology assessments are visionary, feasible, and have immediate benefits.

Not Just IT Assessments: Proven Expertise and Methods to Help You Manage the Technology Roadmap

Unlike other Minneapolis IT consulting firms, Meritide is uniquely positioned to help your small or mid-size business execute an IT roadmap with CIO-level guidance – to achieve all the benefits of our IT assessment recommendations.

CIO-Level Leadership

A Meritide CIO can lead the organization and implementation of strategic IT roadmap recommendations. Our role often includes the movement of competence in technology to business analysis skills to facilitate solving business problems with technology; being responsible for the company technology strategy / purpose / mission; working with the business and training department heads on how to apply technology to their business units.

Technology Governance

Our IT consultants believe the application of technology to the business is a “business function” and that responsibility for this process should that of each department head, executive and end user. For example, many Minnesota businesses could benefit by establishing a Technology Steering Committee composed of business leaders that will have the responsibility to see that this strategy is implemented.

IT Project Process

Our IT consultants often help Minnesota-based small and mid-size organizations establish an IT Project Process for large projects. Benefits of an IT Project Process include greater business (end user) accountability and control over technology projects/expenses and priorities; project definition – so the business and IT operate with the same expectations and process; and ROI for projects that the business owns and IT helps define.

Driving IT Performance

We often suggest the selection of a few key metrics that can be used to measure IT performance – service orientation as measured by each major business function; reliability of the current systems; advancement of projects within the context of the Technology Plan for the company. And, strong communications between the business functions and IT will enable the working relationships and the performance of IT across the company.

Lack of IT Strategy Bogging Down Business?

If your business is looking to grow, or if you believe your business has become bogged down in inefficient processes and ineffective systems, it is time for a change. That’s where Meritide comes in. Our knowledgeable Minneapolis IT consultants offer just-in-time services that can guide your company on the path to success.

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About Meritide

Meritide has been providing trusted business and Minneapolis IT consulting services since 1999. Our mission is to provide our clients with design, integration and implementation services targeted to deliver optimal system performance, realize cost savings and drive competitive advantage. We begin with the business problem to be solved before applying technology to the problem. This approach to understanding the business problem first results in the appropriate application of the technology to ensure success and alignment of the IT solution with the business process. Our solutions bring together people, process and tools.

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