ChangeGear Service Desk is Easy-to-Use, Scalable ITSM Software

Meritide, the business and IT consulting firm in St. Paul, Minnesota, is a SunView ChangeGear partner. ChangeGear is an integrated IT service management solution built with ITIL best practices. It gives information technology departments and personnel control over their IT services, allowing them to track and manage processes efficiently. Organizations that use ChangeGear find it improves the ability of staff to collaborate effectively and resolve requests in an efficient manner.

Meet ChangeGear, Your New Service Desk Software - Meritide, MN

Meet ChangeGear, Your New Service Desk Software

Benefits of Using ChangeGear

Free, unlimited end-user licenses

Easy to use and codeless automation

Fast to deploy without costly developers

Seamless integration with other systems using REST API

Scalable to grow with your needs

Core ChangeGear ITIL Processes

Incident AND Service Request modules included

Problem Management

Change and Release Management

Knowledge Management

Service Level and Survey Management

Additional Capabilites

In addition to these above benefits, ChangeGear is a scalable platform that can grow with your company. Advanced IT organizations can easily incorporate additional ITIL or business processes into its ChangeGear platform without a reinstallation. Additional capabilities include:

Service catalog management

Asset and configuration management (CMDB)

Project, HR and procurement management

Dedicated Mobile App (IOS, Android) for IT Staff and End Users

Service Smart Machine Learning Technology

Multiple Change Workflows

Free Service Desk Replacement Guide

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Why Work With Meritide to Implement ChangeGear Service Desk?

Meritide is a trusted SunView Software implementation partner. We have significant experience configuring and integrating ChangeGear solutions. Additionally, clients consistently choose Meritide to deliver ChangeGear’s enterprise capabilities without the enterprise price.

We take great pride in identifying real solutions; we do not simply sell software packages. This means that our clients pay for exactly what they need and no more, all while receiving boutique-quality service.

Our company is known for its ability to pinpoint customer needs. That is especially true when it comes to implementing the ChangeGear IT service management platform. We first identify the IT management problem to be solved and then apply ChangeGear’s capabilities appropriately. In short, the problem drives the solution, not the other way around.


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