Driving IT Performance for Improved Accountability

Is IT a silo? Does your business have concerns about IT?

For more than 20 years, Meritide’s CIO consultants and IT consulting experts have been aligning IT with business to help organizations grow. A fundamental part of this alignment is holding IT accountable for performance. Specifically, we work to ensure that IT’s efforts are always focused on business priorities.

Identifying Key Metrics for Improved IT Performance & Accountability

Key Metrics

We often suggest the selection of a few key metrics that can be used to measure IT performance:

  • Project actual vs. plan vs. forecast metrics
  • Reliability of the current systems
  • Quarterly review and assessment of the IT roadmap
  • Service level expectations and metrics for application and infrastructure performance

We also help create an IT strategy and put in place benchmarks you can use to move your IT initiatives forward.

IT Strategy

We can help you develop the IT plans, strategies and tactics that fit your business.

  • IT roadmaps
  • IT project architecture
  • IT leadership
  • IT organization

Program Management

Leverage our expertise to guide your business and IT transformation initiatives.

  • Program leadership
  • Development methods
  • Implementation rescue
  • Feasibility assessments

Why Bring in Meritide to Help You?

Your focus is on your business. Your expertise is in your industry. Your need, however, is unique. You’ve never needed to find a way measure IT performance. You haven’t had to deal with IT problems before or may not have the time.

That is where our IT and CIO consulting experts step in. We bring a fresh pair of eyes to the situation. Thanks to our more than two decades in business, we have likely worked with organizations similar to yours. We can bring that experience and the knowledge we have gained working across multiple industries to help you create and implement the right accountability program for your IT department.

You Need the Help. We Have the Experience. Call Us Today.

Let us help you with your IT performance program management and accountability plans. We can provide the structure you need and enable strong communications between the business functions and IT. For improved working relationships and better performance of IT across the company, call our consultants today. With offices in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area of Minnesota, we serve clients throughout the Midwest and across the U.S.