Business Systems Assessment (BSA)

The Business Systems Assessment is a proven solution for Minnesota businesses. The BSA aligns technology systems with your organizational needs. It results in clear opportunities to reduce costs, increase revenue, improve capability, and mitigate risk.

Systems run the business and people run the systems.

The BSA benefits Minnesota businesses not getting a desired ROI or application of technology in their business.


We deliver short-term, immediate recommendations for change that have tangible returns for your organization.


Drive cultural change with a renewed energy and plan for utilization and management of your technology systems.


Achieve consensus with a future state vision of your technology systems based on the needs of your business, including a 1- and 3-year technology plan.


Receive a business-oriented technology plan and actions – including technology governance, prioritization / ROI / capital processes, and organizational design.

Meritide's Proprietary Blueprint Methodology

Our unique Blueprint methodology focuses on technology, business processes, and how people use the technology and processes in your business. A Meritide CIO consultant leads the four-phase approach with clear objectives, activities, and deliverables.

Meritide MN Consulting Business Systems Assessment - Blueprint Process

The Blueprint Process Utilizes a 4-Phased Approach

Initiation (Ready)

The goal of the initiation phase is to define the charter and governance for the project. The project charter defines the high-level scope, team needed, and critical success factors for the project.

Strategy (Aim)

The goal of the Strategy Phase is to develop a complete understanding of the processes that will be assessed. In addition, we develop a plan for the assessment phase that will highlight who will be part of the assessment team and the schedule that will be followed.

Assessment (Fire)

The goal of the Assessment Phase is to perform the tasks necessary for a IT Roadmap. IT includeS interviews, system reviews, document reviews, process reviews, and gap analysis.

Operational (Roadmap)

The goal of the Operational Phase is to develop a plan to ensure elements in the IT Roadmap will be addressed by following a timeline for ongoing review/recommendations with 1- and 3-year periods.

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