Improve Service Ticket Management With PointPath for SharePoint

PointPath allows you to leverage the benefits of enterprise-wide SharePoint use. A software solution developed by Meritide, PointPath gives business users the ability to create and track their service tickets—all inside SharePoint—while your IT staff continues to resolve them in your service desk solution.

Learn how PointPath can integrate SharePoint with your service desk

What Is PointPath?

PointPath integrates your service desk and SharePoint in real time. It gives business users a SharePoint front-end for ticket creation. Large clients we have worked with report that they received much greater value from both their service desk and SharePoint investments after integrating PointPath into their SharePoint deployment.

PointPath’s highlights are that it:

Speeds SharePoint

adoption by providing critical information systems users need each day

Minimizes training time

for business users with an already-familiar SharePoint interface

Increases ticket capture

rate in your service desk for better metrics and reporting.

Improves IT service

by allowing for real-time service updates and reducing the number of business systems users need to learn

Benefits to Choosing PointPath

Implementing PointPath has many practical benefits. For example, by linking with BMC Remedy, PointPath eliminates duplication caused by technicians reentering ticket information. PointPath also works with other ticketing systems such as ChangeGear and ServiceNow.

PointPath can support upgrades in both SharePoint and your service desk platform.

Pitney-Bowes PointPath Success Story

The global technology company Pitney-Bowes adopted PointPath as a solution to the problem of increasing untracked engineering tickets. Immediate benefits included higher visibility of open incidents, as well as access to sortable lists of incidents so that management had the information needed to adjust resources and follow up with assigned technicians when appropriate. Moreover, the incidents were better organized and incidents previously untracked became trackable. These changes improved the ability of engineers to manage incidents and of the business to monitor activity.

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