Easy-to-Use Change Management Software for Business Agility

Meritide, the business and IT consulting firm in St. Paul, Minnesota, is a SunView ChangeGear partner. ChangeGear supports DevOps initiatives by streamlining change processes to reduce release bottlenecks. Furthermore, it helps reduce risks and improve systems availability by automating ITIL change management best practices. Finally, it helps meet compliance requirements of NERC/CIP, among others, by implementing documented change control processes for non-IT assets.

ChangeGear Change Manager Dashboard - Meritide, MN

ChangeGear: Your New Agile Change Management Software

Change Manager Benefits

Unlimited DevOps, ITIL, Business process workflows

High visibility from CAB notes and change calendar

Faster change processing through automation

Reduce risk through granular compliance & audit reporting

Integration with existing tools through RESTful API

Change Manager Highlights

Change management

Release management

Configuration management

Asset discovery

Complete closed-loop environment

Optimized Change Processes for Each Team

Don't let change management become a bottleneck for IT. ChangeGear Change Manager is designed to support multiple modes of change processing to accommodate ITIL-, DevOps-, and Business- oriented change controls. Multi-modal processing lets you define varying change policies based on the balance of speed and risk.

Speed approvals with pre-authorizations based on team performance

Increase efficiency with automations for approval routing

Built-in change model workflows for ITIL, DevOps and business processes — no coding required

Free Change Management Solution Guide

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Why Work With Meritide to Implement ChangeGear Solutions?

Meritide is a trusted SunView Software implementation partner. We have significant experience implementing ChangeGear solutions for commercial, federal, and DoD organizations. Additionally, clients choose Meritide and ChangeGear for enterprise capabilities without the enterprise price.

We take great pride in helping clients transition existing change processes into ChangeGear, or reimagining the entire change process during implementation. This means that our clients receive much more than a software solution, but also strategic partner with industry best practice expertise.

Our company is known for its ability to pinpoint customer needs. That is especially true when it comes to implementing the ChangeGear Change Manager software platform. We first identify the business, process, or technology problem to be solved and then apply ChangeGear’s capabilities appropriately.


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