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If you’re currently using emails, Excel, or physically handling paper to manage business processes – our workflow experts can help you streamline and automate processes with tools in SharePoint, Office 365, Nintex, and Infowise.

It’s been great working with Meritide: as SharePoint and Nintex newcomers, we’ve appreciated their support and expertise. They’ve been very flexible and willing to tailor their support to our needs.

Our experts have commercial and government experience with management and department leaders

Human Resources Workflows

We can automate your most common HR processes such as leave requests, employee on-boarding and off-boarding, training requests, performance reviews, complaint handling, travel requests, and more.

Operations Workflows

We can automate your most common operational processes such as procurement and work order approvals, purchase orders, supplier and contract management, field data gathering, facilities management, and more.

Finance / Administration

We can automate your most common finance and administrative processes such as expense approvals, invoice processing, training requests, accounts receivable and payable, legal document processing, and more.

Sales and Marketing

We can automate your most common sales and marketing processes such as sales opportunity management, marketing campaign management, sales order processing, product management, and more.

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Our Experts Can Help You Design and Develop a Wide Range of SharePoint Workflows

And if you’re using Nintex or have integration requirements, call our Minneapolis workflow experts!

Employee Onboarding / Offboarding

Onboarding new employees is often a time-consuming process involving multiple steps, including approving salaries, signing contracts, provisioning IT systems and training new hires. Companies that streamline this process are more likely to secure the best candidates, and ensure that new employees are operational and effective as quickly as possible. Likewise, you can easily automate the employee offboarding process.

Travel Requests

As organizations grow, more employees submit travel requests, and this challenges HR’s time and resources. Who is handling executive travel vs. sales team travel? Who is handling domestic vs. international travel? Human resources may struggle with tracking requests and with ensuring that all levels of the organization abide by its travel policies. By automating this process, human resources gains better visibility into why employees are traveling, which documents they’ve submitted, who has reviewed what, and when travel requests can be closed as complete.

Contract Management

The origination, review and approval of current and potential contracts is often a manual process that many organizations rely on Excel spreadsheets, paper attachments, email communication, and calendar reminders to manage. This can result in lack of process transparency, missed renewal or cancellation deadlines that lead to higher or unnecessary costs, and business risk due to physical record keeping. By automating this process, organizations can save time whiling reducing cost and business risk.

Expense Approvals

When employees submit their expenses for their manager to approve and for the accounting team to process, they often feel like they lose visibility of what happens next in the process. Their biggest question is when they’ll be reimbursed for their expenses. A more predictable and efficient process can benefit everyone. By automating the expense approval process, you eliminate version control problems caused by spreadsheets floating from one department to another.

Sales Opportunity Management

When a company generates hundreds of sales leads in a year, it’s important that the sales team follows up on sales leads and doesn’t miss any leads. By automating the sales opportunity management process, sales teams can collaborate from wherever they are, with auto notifications letting them know when to make follow-up calls, provide sales proposals, approve fee exceptions and issue invoices.

Service Requests

Productivity in an organization is significantly impacted when employees face a technology challenge, whether it’s a desktop OS issue or a network connection problem. The success of an IT help desk is frequently measured by the speed and quality of its service request management. Automating help desk service requests, including the escalation of requests to appropriate parties, can help the IT team deliver optimal service to the lines of business.

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