Systems Integration

We utilize the latest web services APIs including OData, REST, and SOAP resulting in seamless cloud or on-premises system integrations. Specializing in SharePoint, Office 365, IT service management, CRM, and ERP integrations.

A natural fit for our requirements. It allowed us to bridge our incident tracking system with our deployment of SharePoint which allows us to take full advantage of SharePoint’s capabilities.

Integrating systems is a key strategy to increase their ROI

Silo Systems are a Problem

Over time, many organizations have acquired or developed their own systems in silos – CRM for sales, software for HR, Office 365 for Intranet – without a larger vision or understanding for how those systems can be used jointly. This often results in duplicate data and no single “source of truth.”

Integration is the Solution

By first listening to your business needs, we can help your leaders and teams understand the full capabilities of your existing systems, how they can be used together, and design solutions that result in 1.) competitive advantage, 2.) increased revenue, and/or 3.) reduced cost or risk.

Real-Time SharePoint-IT Service Desk Integration

Is SharePoint or Office 365 your enterprise portal? Empower business users to manage their tickets in SharePoint while IT techs resolve them from your service desk solution. In addition, the integration makes SharePoint a more valuable business platform.

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We can add the missing link between your systems

Microsoft SharePoint / Office 365

Is SharePoint or Office 365 your enterprise portal? We regularly help clients move from paper-based request/approval processes to workflow processes managed in SharePoint. These requests often rely on data from other systems in order to approve or deny requests, such as an employee’s PTO balance from the HR system. We can help you decide what to push or pull, and then execute the integration with SharePoint.

Commonly With:

  • IT Service Desk
  • CRM Systems
  • HR Systems
  • E-Signature Systems
  • Document Imaging Systems

IT Service Desk Systems

Improving first call resolution is a key strategy to reduce the cost of IT services while improving customer satisfaction. To that end, we can help you integrate critical systems into your IT service desk – making it easier and faster for your tier 1 support group to populate, resolve, and close user tickets. We are experts at web services APIs and can understand the business need to deliver a nice user experience.

Commonly With:

  • SharePoint / Office 365
  • VOIP Systems
  • Remote Support
  • Chat
  • SCCM

CRM Systems

CRM systems are built for managing relationships between organizations and individuals, housing contact information, and storing their respective attributes as the “source of truth.” If you find yourself re-entering information into other systems or forms that already exists in your CRM system, chances are you could benefit by integrating your CRM with that system. We can help you reuse data from CRM to streamline processes in other systems.

Commonly With:

  • SharePoint / Office 365
  • Marketing Automation
  • ERP
  • E-Commerce

ERP Systems

Most companies have a need to publish internally managed data through a public-facing portal – such as products, quotes and orders, and sales/marketing collateral. But, they are unsure of how to extend their current system to the web – which usually means they manage the same information in two locations; a maintenance nightmare. We can remove the perceived barriers and help you reuse existing systems for new capabilities.

Commonly With:

  • E-Commerce
  • Freight Carriers
  • CRM
  • Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI)

Traditionally, access to – and management of – business data has been centrally managed by IT. With modern tools such as Microsoft Power BI, you can integrate and consolidate disparate data systems / applications into one familiar Office tool – empowering business users to analyze, share, and make decisions from reliable data.

Commonly With:

  • ERP
  • IT Service Desk
  • SharePoint
  • E-Commerce

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