Seeking CRM .NET Developer


Job Description
We are actively recruiting a CRM .NET Developer to join our team. The position is focused on CRM processes, design and development including the use of REST, SOAP, and web services. We offer an entrepreneurial, team-focused environment that would give you the flexibility to be creative in this role. You would develop innovative solutions for a variety of clients and projects, learn new technologies, and receive mentoring from our experienced technical and business leadership.

Key Responsibilities
Solution development with; ASP.Net, C#; SQL; XML, and Web Services.
Participating in the requirements definition, design, development and implementation of CRM solutions for our clients— working together on-site with clients, and with other technology partners and in collaboration with other Meritide business units.
Employing the methods and processes to deliver high quality solutions for clients.

Required Skills/Qualifications
Experience developing application solutions on Microsoft ASP.NET using C# and / or VB.NET
Experience utilizing REST, SOAP, Web Services
Hands-on experience using MS Visual Studio 2013/2015
Experience using a CRM system or developing applications on a CRM system

Other Beneficial Skills/Qualifications
Experience with ERP Systems and CRM sales processes

Desired Traits
Dynamic individual with dedication to client satisfaction and vested in their success
Strong communicator, both verbal and written
Trustworthiness and work ethic necessary to honor your commitments
An entrepreneurial perspective, quick learner, ability to manage multiple projects with little supervision
The skills, attributes, and traits needed to contribute in a culture that succeeds in a competitive and changing market without compromising work/home life balance. These include: trustworthiness and technical competence; courageous and civil communications; the work ethic necessary to honor your commitments; pride in craftsmanship; self-starter initiative; an innovative spirit; and the realization that fun is good.

Why Meritide
At Meritide you will receive competitive base compensation, a bonus program based on results, competitive company benefits, a good working environment and state of the art tools, software, and methods.
Meritide’s business proposition revolves around the two central themes:
What is best for our Clients
What is best for our Associates
To provide the best solutions for our Clients, Meritide has engaged the highest quality professionals available – people who are passionate about software and the solutions that software can provide for an enterprise.

In order to attract the top talent available we offer an environment where you will be recognized for merit and rewarded accordingly. The name “Meritide” has as its source the concept of “Merit,” where appropriate recognition is given to conduct deserving reward, honor and esteem. The “Tide” portion of the Meritide name is designed to draw on the energy and the vast resources of the Ocean. The software professionals of Meritide are action-oriented and willing to be accountable to their clients, Meritide and each other for providing excellent software solutions.

Meritide provides “state of the industry” compensation and benefits to its Associates and we have developed an innovative reward system that supports the concept of merit and also fosters learning, teaching and cooperation among all Meritide Associates. Meritorious service and solutions for our clients is rewarded in a meaningful way.

Meritide Professionals respect each other and their clients. We believe that our clients are our Partners and that they know their business well. Meritide’s task, supported by its culture, is to assist our clients in making their business, information technology systems, and people more responsive through a “can do” proactive approach.

Ready to Apply?
If you are interested in working in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment where you can make a difference, be valued and succeed financially please send your background to

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