Outcomes and Benefits of a Formal Technology Assessment Process

Outcomes and Benefits of a Formal Technology Assessment Process

Competition and other business pressures on large organizations have shown that traditional management systems, quality initiatives, and incremental process improvements are no longer sufficient to improving effectiveness in most companies. Objectives of 5% to 10% improvements in all business processes each year must give way to efforts to achieve 50% or even higher improvements in the critical few key processes.

Best practices approaches to creating a new business, or business performance improvement, must encompass both how a business is viewed and structured, and/or how it can be improved. The business must be viewed not just in terms of function or division, but also in end-to-end processes across the enterprise. Achievement of a high growth business requires innovation from beginning to end by employing business process, technology and organizational resources.

Meritide integrates the principles of business process, technology and people into service delivery – and these principles are a foundation for our Blueprint methodology – and the principles for Meritide solutions.

Taking a process approach implies adopting tour client’s point of view. The processes become structured by what an organization does that is necessary to produce value for its customers.

  • The benefits of this approach for our clients are:
  • Identifies information silos and disconnected parts of the business
  • Leverages technology and people/roles to these processes to more effectively run the business
  • Provides a framework for growth
  • Ensures each defined and documented step is consistently executed and provides the ability to align metrics to each step
  • Delivers a methodology to determine if the business strategy is progressing as planned

As part of the approach we utilize the Technology Blueprint Process based on the principles of process, people, technology– to address the requirements and design of client information systems and infrastructure.

The Blueprint process has been designed to address the business and technology needs of companies while acknowledging changing business requirements and diverse technologies that must be integrated into critical business processes.  The resulting Blueprint defines flexible and cost effective technology infrastructure, application, and process plans that meet the needs of the business.

Business Process Plans – for the business processes that are critical for the operation of the business and to insure that the processes keep pace with the changing needs of the company. Includes identifying high-level business requirements by business process/function and the process for prioritizing and applying technology to the business.

Application Plans – for the existing and future applications that are required to meet the needs of the business. Includes \application development and integration as well as the methods and tools to be used in the process; specific strategies for custom application development and application package purchase (make/buy).

Infrastructure Plan – for hardware platforms, operating systems, security systems, storage systems, telecommunication systems and networks required to operate the system and databases.

If you feel your organization is not getting a high enough return from its investment in (and application of) technology, a Meritide Business Systems Assessment (BSA) is a proven first step in producing clearly defined opportunities to reduce costs, increase revenue, improve capability, and mitigate risk.

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